M.V. TEAM is a team of people with diverse expertise in the world of football and is dedicated to inspire and provide information, support and a variety of football activities to anyone who loves football and wants the opportunity to get involved in it professionally or not, but surely in a methodical, passionate and committed way.

About M.V. TEAM

M.V. TEAM European Football Activities' mission is to provide a breadth of services across the spectrum of the football game.

  • Providing information with regard to
    • players' participation in football trials across Europe
    • players' & teams' placements in training programs run by major European clubs in their advanced training centers
    • players' & teams' placements in national and international camps
    • teams' participation in football tournaments organized by academies and clubs in Greece and across Europe
  • Securing placements for trial players, providing transport and accommodation services and access to specialized training, camps and football tournaments for team groups, academies or individuals
  • Organizing and running national and international tournaments for academies and football teams
  • Offering via the "Football Daddy" program, personalized services for footballers involving professional guidance, coaching, advice from nutritionists and sport psychologists, legal support, interpreting and chaperone services to parents, players, teams and academies
  • Organizing seminars, lectures and special events on the game of football
  • Liaising with european academies and football clubs (affiliation program)
  • Supporting the communication of players (aspiring or professionals) with clubs, coaches, agents or scouts
  • Publishing a variety of football material and providing writing and editing services of web content
  • Assisting in the setup, organization and promotion of football academies